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The Heavyweights

Rocky's Signature Sandwiches

Its been a long time coming. Ftira perfection. 

We've done our homework. We've sampled everything the Maltese Islands can throw at us in search of that perfect flavour, that perfect crunch, and that perfect taste. We've seen the rest, now try the best.

Get ready for Rocky, the undisputed ftira champ.


The Champ

Traditional Maltese Ftira - €4.00

Nothing beats a classic. Crispy Maltese bread loaded with kunserva, tuna, olives, fresh mint, butter beans, onions, shredded lettuce, capers and a generous serving of extra virgin olive oil. Add some gbejna for that extra bit of flavour.


The Greatest

Signature Rabbit Ftira - €6.50

The one and only Rocky's original. Slow-cooked pulled local rabbit, drenched in a hearty, rich gravy and packed into a fresh ftira. Its the traditional Maltese fenkata experience served and ready to go. 

Our signature ftira; often imitated, never duplicated.


The Pride of Philadelphia

Philly Style Ftira - €8.50

A Rocky's special. Our hard-hitting favourite, loaded with sliced grade A steak, caramelised onions, melted provolone cheese and butter, packed into a Maltese ftira. It's just like the first time, every damn time.


The Italian Stallion

Italian Style Ftira - €6.00

Our prancing horse with a touch of Malta. Bologna mortadella, fresh pistachio pesto, sliced provolone, fresh tomatoes, butter, basil and olive oil. Elegant, quick, delicious.


The Apollo

Tandoori Chicken Ftira - €6.50

Coming in from the red corner; crispy Maltese bread loaded with sliced free-range chicken breast marinated in golden tandoori spices, fresh lemon juice, mint yoghurt dressing, butter and rucola. Are you ready for this?


Breakfast of Champions

Crispy Breakfast Ftira - €5.50

Crispy Maltese bread sets the stage, topped with a sunny side up fried egg, bacon, fried tomatoes, sausage, butter and a drizzle of tangy brown sauce. We call it the Breakfast of Champions, but don't be fooled - this bad boy hits the spot any time of day.


Mighty Mick

Bacon, Egg & Steak Ftira - €6.50

Known as the 'Laham, Bajd u Bacon', here's a traditional Maltese sandwich that needs no introduction. Mighty Mick bares all with crispy Maltese bread, a sunny side up fried egg, butter, bacon, thinly sliced steak and topped with a generous serving of melted cheddar. Hangovers will never be the same again.


The Left Hook

Fresh Salmon Ftira - €6

And now in the blue corner, here comes our latest contender! Delicious Maltese bread topped with freshly brought in smoked salmon, dill, creamed cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, rucola and a dash of fresh lemon juice.


The Southpaw

Fresh Vegan Ftira - €5.00

Unconventional, mind-blowingly tasty and one for the green at heart. Pan-fried aubergine, roasted peppers, tomatoes, delicious black olives, freshly picked capers and daily market herbs sautéed to perfection. You'll simply keep coming back for more.

The Popeye 2.jpg

The Popeye

Soft Shell Crab Ftira - €9.50

Fresh out of the sea soft shell shredded crab, marinated in our in-house smoked paprika thousand island dressing. Finished off with a dash of tabasco for that extra tang as well as a squeeze of lemon. Quite simply, fine dining in a ftira.

Golden Boy 3.jpg

Golden Boy

Coronation Chicken Ftira - €7.00

A fresh Maltese ftira packed with free-range chicken breast, and marinated in mango chutney, mayo, curry powder and finished with sultanas and almond flakes. A firm favourite.


The Brawler

Crispy Chicken Ftira - €7.50

Fresh free-range chicken breast deep-fried to golden crisp perfection. Finished with our in-house garlic mayo dressing onions, tomato and rucola for that extra crunch!

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